“Taking part in the advanced pre-vet internship has been the smartest
move I made since entering university. Great mentors, awesome
opportunities to learn many things about vet medicine and too much fun!”

— Hamsha 2008 Advanced Pre-vet Intern


“It is a pivotal experience for anyone considering research.”

— Arthur 2008 Advanced Biomedical Research Internship

“There is definitely a great energy among the OERS members that makes everyone who participates in their internships feel welcome.”

— Ashley 2007 Advanced Research Intern

“I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wish to pursue an academic career in science.”

— Andrew 2007 Advanced Research Intern

“This is a worthwhile experience, especially if you don’t have a lot hands on experience in a lab.”

— Deniece 2007 Advanced Research Intern


“Participating in the pre-vet internship was probably the most informative and worthwhile experience I’ve had during my years of university”

— Patricia 2007 Pre-Vet Intern


“Great hands on experience…..unbelievable opportunity to experience the diversity of a veterinary career…..this has been the most exciting and worthwhile thing I have done ever…”

— Ashley 2006 Pre-Vet Intern


“For any students planning of a future in research, this program is a must have.”

— Chelsea 2007 Research Intern