Research Programs

OERS research programs have specific goals and are focused in their design. Climate change, human impacts on habitat, and contamination effects on marine animals are major stressors that will continue to play a role for decades in the sensitive ecologically valued (World Heritage Site) Bay of Fundy/Gulf of Maine area. These stressors affect not only a diverse range of species but also the economic future of fisheries in the area as well as the health of humans who live along this coastline and depend on these bodies of water for their welfare. OERS is committed to strong research programs focused on the goals of maintaining critical ecological diversity, clean marine habitats and healthy animal populations. Our programs promote sustainability, instigate new venues of research and open new opportunities to also educate and train future researchers and scientists and citizen scientists by providing hands on field research opportunities.

4 programs form the basis of ongoing OERS research.

  1. Ecological Program
  2. Fish Program
  3. Marine Mammal Program
  4. Shark Program