OERS-F600 (April 25-April 29, 2022)

This field course opportunity is unique as it allows the participants the opportunity to get up close and personal with a number of marine mammal species and experience living physiology of these remarkable creatures. OERS will be offering this as a 1 week trip at the end April that includes daily in the field (water!) interactions with dolphins, manatee and sea lions in a controlled yet natural environment.

You will experience applied physiology and see first-hand how their adaptations allow them to exist in their aquatic environment. You will have time in the water getting to feel and see for yourself their unique adaptations that make them survive so well. Through direct exposure to mothers and their young you will learn about reproduction and maternal physiology including witnessing live births if they occur.

You will also learn and get hands on experience regarding marine mammal nutritional requirements. Wrapping up the week is a thrill of a lifetime – an interactive in water session with you and a dolphin interacting one-on-one!! Not only is the unique in water experiences unbelievable but as part of the course fee you will be staying at an all inclusive resort in a safe and gated community.

After class activities include observing other marine life to compare to the marine mammals you were studying. This is an opportunity of a lifetime as there are few facilities where you get to interact so closely with these beautiful creatures in as natural a habitat as possible.

All course materials provided, space is limited to ensure hands on experience for all participants who wish it. The course fees will be $3,600 USD* everything included but airfare and tuition fees (if you want university credit). This course is a must for anyone who wants to finally get a chance to touch, interact and learn comparative marine mammal physiology in the field. Submitting the registration form with the non-refundable deposit of $500 (cash or bank draft payable to payable to OERS) ensures your space on this very popular and unusual experience. Registrations are now open, apply immediately if you really wish to be a part of this unique experience!

Note: minimum enrollment of 12 applies for course to be held.