OERS Professional Career Experiences

Marine Biology Field Experience (ongoing)

CMI Marine Biology Field Experience (runs throughout August)

Marine mammals can be found in all oceans and have adapted to live in a wide variety of habitats from the warmest to the coldest oceans and from the shallowest to the most extreme depths. This 8 day experience is part of OERS’s ongoing research program at its Comeauville Marine Institute (CMI) that investigates issues related to the ecology and conservation of various marine species in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia. The Bay is a large body of water that is rich in marine life and of huge economical importance to the local communities. Worldwide future climate change events may increase the amount of contaminants entering the marine environment which could affect the health of humans who have a high dependence on the numerous marine species that they harvest and consume. With this unique opportunity, you will experience current and exciting in the field research by assisting biologists studying the ecology and conservation of various marine mammal species. This experience will provide participants the opportunity to work with and assist an OERS biologist who is studying the ecology and conservation of various marine animal species and the ongoing threats to their environment and survival. (ie. human impacts, climate change, and other environmental threats). contact us for further infomration. 

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“Taking part in the advanced pre-vet internship has been the smartest
move I made since entering university. Great mentors, awesome
opportunities to learn many things about vet medicine and too much fun!”

— Hamsha 2008 Advanced Pre-vet Intern

“This is a worthwhile experience, especially if you don’t have a lot hands on experience in a lab.”

– Deniece 2007 Advanced Research Intern

“It is a pivotal experience for anyone considering research.”

– Arthur 2008 Advanced Biomedical Research Internship

“Participating in the pre-vet internship was probably the most informative and worthwhile experience I’ve had during my years of university”

– Patricia 2007 Pre-Vet Intern

“There is definitely a great energy among the OERS members that makes everyone who participates in their internships feel welcome.”

– Ashley 2007 Advanced Research Intern

“Great hands on experience…..unbelievable opportunity to experience the diversity of a veterinary career…..this has been the most exciting and worthwhile thing I have done ever…”

— Ashley 2006 Pre-Vet Intern

“I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wish to pursue an academic career in science.”

— Andrew 2007 Advanced Research Intern

“For any students planning of a future in research, this program is a must have.” — Chelsea 2007 Research Intern