Christopher's Corner (Children's Section)

This portion of our website is dedicated exclusively to the children, whose limitless desire to learn and understand the oceans are the guiding light of the future! This can be used for children to learn and enjoy and for teachers and parents to use for such a purpose.

Create the Planet (under construction)

Welcome to the planet’s soup kitchen. Here you are the master chef and its up to you to add the right ingredients to the environment. 

Chose from the following environment and then click and drag the animals and plants you think belong (under construction)


Identify Me (under construction)

Here is where you will be able to test your ability to identify marine animals. Chose your level and good luck:

No Experience
Some Experience
Think I Know
Know I Know

Kiddy Colouring Book

Feel free to download, print then colour these marine mammal pictures!

Kids Drawing Board

Hey there kids, how about sending us your drawings about the world’s oceans. See a few we have already received and visit often, you never know, your might be here next. (Richard, picture here)

For Earth day, draw a cool ocean scene and send it in to us and we will post the coolest on this webpage for all your friends to see. Some really neat prizes will be given out too. So don’t wait the sooner you send something to us the better! Have a look at some done by kids just like you we have put on the KIDS ART BOARD!

Skulls, Teeth, Jaws (under construction)

Pictures of teeth, skulls, sawbill with simple descriptions (under construction)