Canadian Marine Mammal Network
Friends of OERS

The following friends of OERS have stepped in and volunteered their time in support of OERS initiatives and we wish to thank them very much for that.

Mrs Lisa Kinney
 list item Created OERS brochure

Dr Joe MacInnis
 list item Inaugural Ocean Voices guest speaker

Dr Pierre Beland
 list item First marine mammal biologist as Ocean Voices guest speaker

Ms Cathy Kinsman
 list item Guest speaker Ocean Voices in the "Friendly Beluga", creator of Whale Stewardship Program

Mr Jason Allen
 list item Donation of his informative website, marine mammal profiles and photos for OERS to incorporate into ours

Mr Jim Toomey
 list item Kindly came all the way from Paris, France, to give our first Ocean Voices session in 2001, and has kindly allowed Sherman and his friends to be a part of OERS.

Mr. William Jack Wallen
 list item for the countless hours staffing various O.E.R.S. booths, in front of displays, Ocean Voices and so many other events; we always knew we could count on him when we needed help.

Mr. Karim Bandali
 list item our first volunteer co-ordinator who created our volunteer database and also worked many hours in the digital studios on our video projects.

Ms. Nesime Askin
 list item our 'resident artist' for all her creative creatures donated to O.E.R.S. over the years and her time spent in our various projects.

Donations & Sponsors

One of OERS's mandates is to partner with industry and the private sector in order to further its goals in promoting a healthy and viable ocean environment for our children and generations to come. Support either financial or 'in kind' would be welcome and we would ensure appropriate recognition and visibility for our supporters.

Private donations are also welcome and tax receipts can be issued as OERS is a Canadian registered charity.

Please send your cheque to OERS, 12 Burton Ave., Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4N 2R2

Special Thanks To:

This section acknowledges all the industry partners of OERS, who gave generous donations which allowed OERS to pursue its activities and mandate. A special recognition goes out to the following companies and individuals:

VWR Canlab (Mr Bill Bridges)

Merck Frosst Canada Inc (Mr Erskin Simons)

Call (705) 721-1189 or email getus@oers.ca for further information.


This section is dedicated to our 4 and 2 footed friends where donations have been made in their memory.

Human Companions (In loving memory)

2000 - Christopher, a child of the ocean who knew everything about whales & was our first 'Honorary OERS Member'.

2001 - Mr Helmut Wittnich, who's love of the oceans was evidenced in his paintings and who is now sailing the 'Ocean of Dreams'.

Animal Companions (In loving memory)

Chewie Belanger, a yellow labrador who truly enriched our lives.

Belanger Feline family, to all of you who have graced our lives with your purring presence and now live on in our hearts.

Lea Belanger, from the day you came home to us as a frightened pup, you had us around your little paw. Our love forever.

Membership and Volunteer Information

No organization can exist without the sincere commitment of its volunteers and OERS is no different. Folks with all types of skills and expertise are needed. We are in particular need of individuals with web creation skills. advertising connections, video and fundraising skills. However, there is plenty to do for everyone even if you just have an interest so let us hear from you!

To volunteer you must be a member of OERS.

If you would like to get involved, please send an email to oersvol@gmail.com 'volunteer form' in the header and the form will be emailed to you

Sherman Award

This award, created in 2001 recognizes one outstanding volunteer per year who has made key contributions to the advancement of OERS's mandates and given selflessly of their time. Nominations are accepted annually from within the OERS organization and the winner is selected by a committee. The award consists of an engraved medal with the winner's name and a cartoon drawing by Jim Toomey, artist and creator of Sherman's Lagoon. If no one is identified in any year the committee reserves the right to not assign the award that year. Only one individual is given this award in any year, although one other person can be identified as a second place winner if thought to be so deserving.

Below are the awardees to date:


Mr Karim Bandali for his contributions as Volunteer Co-Ordinator, his creative fundraising initiatives including the "motion for Oceans" race concept and the "first annual OERS gift and bake sale", his many hours devoted to OERS activities both as official photographer for Ocean Voices and all around worker. his donation of photographs to OERS and his contributions to the OERS report on mercury in the marine environment.


Ms Nesime Askin for the contribution of her artwork, creative designing and many hours of selfless devotion in helping organize and carry out our activities.
2nd place: Mr. Karim Bandali.