Canadian Marine Mammal Rescue Network

Carin Wittnich - Summer Studentship Award

2006 - Ms Joanna MacNeil, Department of Zoology, Undergrad Year 5

2005 - Ms Joanna MacNeil, Department of Zoology, Undergrad Year 4

I am honoured to be the inaugural recipient of the Carin Wittnich – Summer Studentship Award. Growing up in Nova Scotia , I was closely associated with the ocean and developed fond interest for its vast diversity. In September 2005, I will be entering my final year of my B.Sc. specializing in Zoology at the University of Toronto.

As an aspiring natural scientist, I have completed a variety of courses in the biological division. However, throughout my university experience, my interest in the field of marine biology has only heightened, enticing me to further explore studies in the field.

Having the opportunity to work with the Oceanographic Environmental Research Society, I am exposed to the issues concerning the field of marine biology, as well as provided with a first hand experience of the requirements of a marine and environmental biology lab.

With this honour, I have not only been awarded with a valuable learning experience, but I have also developed what I hope to be a long lasting relationship with a society who’s priority is for the betterment of marine life and its environment.