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Welcome to the OERS Store, where you can find Cool Stuff,

that you are just going to want to buy for yourself and your friends and family. All proceeds are used to support OERS activities so it is for a great cause too!

Check back frequently as this store grows, you won't want to miss the deals! If you are interested in any of the items email us and we will be pleased to send you further details.


T-Shirts (with OERS logo on sleeve)
Pics With descriptors sizes to follow
Ball Caps or Watch caps (OERS Logo stitched on)
Fleece (OERS Logo stitched on left breast)
Polo shirts (OERS logo stitched on left breast)

Stuffed Animals

Beluga Whales, Killer Whales, Otters in small, medium or large


Signed by authors - marine themed

Robert Ballard, Joe MacInnis, Wyland, Jim Toomey, Clive Cussler

Other Books

Robert Bateman, Gene Hackman, etc

Movie Memorabilia, General

A Far Off Place: A Walt Disney Production (items available: colour poster)

Come Together: A William Cash Production, staring Tony Anthony, Luciana Paluzzi & Rosemary Dexter. (items available: press kit B&W 8x10 photos)

Criminal Law: A Northwood Production 1986, staring Garry Oldman & Kevan Bacon (items available: trailer, colour poster, press kit)

Flirting: Winner of 4 Australian Film Institute awards including Best Picture, 1992. A Samuel Goldwyn Co production, staring Noah Taylor, Nicole Kidman, & Thandice Newton. (items available: 1 colour poster)

Freefall: A John Irvine Production (ceneplex Odeon)1994, staring Eric Robert, Jeff Fahey & Pamela Gidley. (items available: 2 colour posters)

Liars Edge: A Peter Simpson Production (Norstar Entertainment), staring Christopher Plummer, Shannon Tweed. (items available: poster)

Liar, Liar: staring Jim Carey (items available: trailer)

The Babe: The story of Babe Ruth. An Arthur Hiller film (universal studios) 1991, staring John Goodman & Kelly McGinnis (items available: 1 trailer , colour posters, press kit photos)

The Other Side of Midnight: A Martin Ransohoff - Frank Yablas Production (20th Century Fox)1977 staring Marie-France Pisier, John Beck & Susan Sarandon. (items available: 1 B&W poster rare #77 of 100)

Movie Memorabilia, Horror

Jason Goes To Hell: the Final Friday: A Sean S. Cummingham production (New Line Cinema), staring John D. LeMay, Kari Keegan & Erin Gray (items available: 1 poster, full color)

Shocker: A Wes Craven production (Universal Studios), staring Michael Murphy & Peter Berg. (items available: colour poster, press kit)

More to come including trailers posters and press kits from some of the most popular flicks come back soon and see what treasures await you!

Rare Books & Newspapers

List available by request. Click here for contact information.



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